How Singing Waiters Can Make Your Wedding Unforgettable (For All The RIGHT Reasons) (Tips and Ideas)

OK, so you’re getting hitched and someone has asked if you’ve organised anything to happen during the Wedding Breakfast (why do they even call it that?!?).

“Damn, hadn’t thought of that”, you think to yourself.

When it comes to Wedding Entertainment — One of the biggest challenges people have is wedding meals are boring…

Do you know the biggest mistake made when looking to find out more about Singing Waiters or Surprise Wedding entertainment?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to organise anything for the Wedding Breakfast other than the speeches…

You want to catch everyone by surprise with this unexpected twist on the normal Wedding plans.

Here are some of the top Wedding Entertainment tips that will Help You…

Guide to Booking a Surprise Singing Waiter Act

Singing waiters are a brilliant surprise for your bride or groom to be as well as for your guests. No one would ever expect the venue staff, who has been serving your wedding party all day, to burst into a professional live performance!

We perform during your wedding breakfast where there tends to be a lull; guests are full and beginning to tire from the busy day and are waiting for the evening entertainment to get revved up again. This is where we come in…

An actor will create a ‘scenario’ that allows them to burst into song and wow everyone in the room. This leads to an incredible show which takes you and your guests on a journey starting with stunning vocals and leading to a party where everyone is up, dancing and having a fabulous time.

This is an atmosphere like no other as more and more actors continue to surprise everyone with their sophisticated, interactive and entertaining show — but remember to keep it a secret!

Can you hire more than one singing waiter?
Of course! We have found that two or three performers works best as the actors can bounce off of one another as well as the audience.

This also allows you to have a range of vocalists in one show; a rock/pop singer, a principal opera singer and a leading West End vocalist. This gives greater depth to the performance and caters for all guests’ tastes in music, however you can choose to have as many as you like.


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Here are a few more tips to keep you going:

25 Other Wedding Entertainment Ideas for 2019 That Will WOW Your Guests

OK, so surprise Wedding Singers (or other surprise Wedding entertainment) is always our number one idea, but here are 25 more for you to try:

1. Fireworks
Everybody loves a dramatic display of fireworks.

2. Sparklers
Tone it down a notch and go for sparklers to get your guests involved!

3. S’mores
Gather your guests around campfires or fire pits and enjoy these sweet treats. Whether a blast from the past or something new, s’mores are a winner every time.

4. Whisky bar
Curate a glamorous collection of Scotland’s finest whiskies, complete with ice, soda and glasses to serve.

5. Cigar bar
Another way to continue the gentlemanly theme is to cater your wedding with cigars complete with vintage boxes and accessories.

6. Photo Booth
Can you really have a wedding reception without one? Provide your guests with all the photo booth props they need to create those Kodak moments.

7. Disco
It’s a party classic — choose a playlist that spans as many decades as your guests for a full floor all night long.

8. Table Chefs
Nominate a guest to become the chef and carve the meat at the table. Not simply an excellent ice breaker, this is actually an efficient way to serve the food too.

9. Advice Cards
Leave an advice card with each place setting and see what words of wisdom your guests extoll.

10. Magician
Ideal for entertaining younger guests during the wedding breakfast, a magician can also work the room with card tricks for your drinks reception.

11. Caricaturist
For a fun take on wedding favours!

12. Live Painter
Another way to capture the magic, which you can forever treasure when hung on your wall.

13. Dove Release
This tradition might be less prevalent than your something old and your something new, but it is tradition nonetheless, and a breathtaking one at that…

14. Butterfly Release
For similar style on a smaller scale!

15. Table Trivia
Stock up on trivia cards or host a Mr & Mrs quiz to entertain guests between courses.

16. Croquet
It’s a garden game classic that comes with easy instructions, easy set up and a whole lot of fun.

17. Giant Jenga
Kids will love to get involved with this one!

18. Pets at Weddings
Perhaps your dog will be your ring bearer, or maybe your new puppy will join you after the ceremony. Any which way, we’re sure your guests will love to cuddle furry friends on the day.

19. Giant Chess
Thanks to its size, this game is fun and functional, zoning the different outdoor spaces for drinks, photos and play.

20. Bouncy Castle
Embrace your inner child!

21. Space Hoppers
May we refer you to the previous point? Purchase some space hoppers and watch the madness unfold.

22. Picnics
Embrace the trend for relaxed, rustic weddings and dine alfresco. Pack up hampers of charcuterie, freshly baked bread, cheese, salads and drinks to serve up a low-key feast.

23. Birds of Prey
For a more dramatic entertainment option, why not take to the skies? You don’t have to do this literally — simply enlist the help of your local birds of prey centre, and have a golden eagle soar or an owl swoop past.

24. Bake off
A budget friendly and interactive way to fill your dessert table for less! Guests will love to be involved. It’s a lovely touch to give out prizes, medals or awards for the best bakes at the end.

25. Awards Ceremony
Host one during your speeches and cover as many people as possible… from the best-dressed guest to the best man.


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4 Tips to Keep The Surprise Singing Waiters A Secret From Your Beloved

If you’re planning on booking Singing Waiters as a surprise for not only the guests, but also your future Mr or Mrs, here are four tips to avoid the surprise getting leaked too soon…

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Be careful what you share on social media.

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