Our Mission

Amazing Live

Mike and Matt


Amazing Live is the brainchild of Matt Jansen and Mike Hyde – two unique performers with a shared vision; they are driven by a passion for music and a commitment to excellence.

“We called this company Amazing Live and we have committed ourselves to meeting that standard in everything we do.

We aim to be unique within the entertainment industry. Not only with the quality and energy of our shows but also our unmatched versatility and professionalism.

We are based in Yorkshire and we have embraced what we see as the best traits of our adopted home county in our simple, no-nonsense approach to delivering the highest quality.

Our wealth of experience and our individuality make us perfectly-suited to provide the truly bespoke personal service upon which we pride ourselves. We build relationships that last. Our customers come back time and again because we offer them something different.

Whether you’ve seen us before, or you’re a newcomer to Amazing Live, please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.”

Matt & Mike